Surface Water Rescue

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The Surface Water Rescue class taught at Guardian Centers, Georgia is an NFPA 1006 compliant course that meets and exceeds the standards set forth in Chapter 11. Presented over 5 days, the training integrates didactics and extensive hands on applications to introduce and lead the student through the knowledge, skills and abilities of surface water rescue in waters that do not by definition exceed 1 knot per hour. Training includes theories and practice of hydraulics, hydrodynamics, navigation, PPE, various types of boat operation and maintenance. Boat handling techniques. Victim rescue skills from shore, boats and even in the water. A progressive class, the techniques the student is exposed to begin with simple survival skills for rescuer, skills and equipment required to make safe rescues from shore, boat or in the water. The KSAs progress into boat handling and rescues from objects, flooded areas of buildings and the need to employ a rescue swimmer to assist in a victim rescue. Ultimately, advanced rope skills for exotic applications such as horizontal or high lines for access and rescue of victims unapproachable by other means. The Guardian Centers gold standard facilities and props – i.e. flooded buildings and areas – afford a safe and realistic environment for the surface water rescue venue and any responder local, regional, national or international.