Heavy Equipment Rigging Specialist (H.E.R.S)

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The Heavy Equipment Rigging Specialist course is a 4 day – 32 hour program developed by the FEMA Instructors and subject matter experts for encompassing structural collapse training for assessing and mitigating all types of collapses in all types of buildings to facilitate rigging and crane operations. Students are exposed to theory, principle and relationships of how and why collapse events occur and how they can best be addressed for successful and safe search and rescue operations. The training integrates elements of physics and engineering concepts and is heavily weighted with practical applications of heavy building construction, weight calculations and configurations and the stabilization and removal of heavy objects in a safe and efficient manner. The curriculum is for advanced lifting and moving enthusiasts, takes the basics of Structural Collapse Technician and applies them to multiple story collapse, confined spaces, truss construction and stabilizing heavy weigh buildings.