Elite Performance Accuracy

$ 1,500.00

Guardian Centers and Shooter Performance Institute offer this five (5) day, fifty (50) hour Elite Performance Accuracy Course (EPAC) designed to deliver precision fire to selective threats under strenuous conditions forcing the officer to apply his/her fundamentals, speed, and accuracy. One differentiator of this course is the fundamental and principle application that has been tested and executed by US Special Operational Forces worldwide. The end state is and an officer capable of efficiently and accurately employing their weapon system while combining sub-conscious actions to the conscious environment with a 3-D visual analysis of threat(s). Learning tasks are taught under mental and physical stress implementing visual focus and the offensive mindset while dealing with an active shooter. In addition to your daily kit, the required gear for this course is eye and ear protection, soft armor, knee pads, gloves, a (1000) carbine rounds and (1000) pistol rounds.